Sunday, October 17, 2010


Dear Daughter,
You'll have many memorable firsts in your life.
Your first word, first step, first day of school, first kiss, etc.
Well, how about the firsts that rarely get spoken about.
The first time you peed on me. The first time you spit up on me, and subsquently the first time you threw up what went down as milk and came back as cottage cheese on me. The first and thankfully only time you drooled in my mouth. Not quite Hallmark moments are they?
No. Not at all.
But these are the moments that make life worth living. Most of your day is spent doing mundane, repetitive actions that will tally up into ungodly hours spent doing whatever when all is said and done.
It's the little oddball things that make memories. Sure, that one morning when you threw your body across me; greeting me with a huge smile, a loving "Mamaaaa" and a 17 second pee down my neck, was not exactly my idea of a hearty hello. It was however, memorable. Gross but memorable.
And you little lady are an oddball.You constantly introduce the baby in the mirror to me. You sing strange songs and fall down on purpose. In other words, you are the single most fantastic person I have ever met. And I will cherish every moment we have together.

Your Ever-loving mother